The Damone Roberts Miss Ross Brow Pencil is the perfect blend of a soft black with a warm brown undertone. This unique pencil complements rather than dominates and can be used as an eyeliner that stays exactly where you draw it.


Why you’ll love our brow pencils!
Brow enhancing  •  Firm lead for precise fine lining  •  Super blendable with attached brush cap  •  All-day wear  •  Water resistant  •  100% cruelty-free

Miss Ross Brow Pencil (Soft Black)

SKU: 187410000360

Warm the tip of the pencil on the back of the hand. Apply on eyebrows using short soft strokes in the direction of hair growth. Blend into the eyebrows with the eyebrow brush on the opposite end.

Our Metal Duo Sharpener is specifically designed to extend the life of your pencil.


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